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November 21, 2022

5 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Business

You’re likely seeing headline after headline about imminent layoffs, hiring freezes, and general uncertainty that seems to affect all sectors from tech to politics. 

November 8, 2022

The Outlook for Global Business Remains Strong

Is your organization hesitant to expand globally since the pandemic?  Are current geopolitical tensions forcing you to reconsider your strategic planning and expansion initiatives?  

October 24, 2022

Starbucks’ Failure to Recognize Culture Down Under

Going global requires smart, strategic planning and market research. Here’s a common challenge some companies face amid new market expansion and tips on how to address it early on.

September 1, 2022

4 Fast Growing Markets in Africa

While you should consider risks in any market around the world, there are also plenty of reasons why expanding your operations to Africa could benefit your business. You should also consider the risk of not entering African markets or entering too late.

Globe surrounded by Global Partners

July 14, 2022

Identifying Your International Approach from the Start is Critical

If you’re considering taking your organization into a new market, having a strategy, plan, roadmap, or whatever you want to call it, is critical. A key part of your strategy is figuring out what type of international company you currently are and the type you strive to be in the future.

Mexico mercado

June 20, 2022

Has Mexico Become a New Hub for Manufacturing?

Regardless of where you live, you are familiar with the “Made in China” tags included on many products you use. The reason why it is so common is that for years China has been the most significant manufacturing hub across the globe.

Manufacturing in vietnam

June 1, 2022

Vietnam – The Budding Machinery and Manufacturing Powerhouse in Asia

Vietnam’s economy has significantly grown over the last several years. It’s a market you should seriously consider if you’re seeking new opportunities in Southeast Asia, particularly if your business involves manufacturing.

Two women smiling while looking at computer

May 10, 2022

How Change Management Can Help Your Organization

Over the last quarter-century, change management has grown and developed as a discipline. According to several studies, for changes to be effective, business leaders must prepare, enable, and assist individuals who are going through transitions so that they may completely embrace change.

man explaining information to four peoplr

May 9, 2022

Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Your Association Goes Global

Many association leaders may consider expanding internationally as a way to generate sustainable revenue, grow their membership, and expand their mission’s reach – but such expansions can be costly and complex.

man looking up at tall buildings

April 28, 2022

5 Tips When Expanding into New Markets

Business leaders are always looking for that “next big thing” and opportunities to extend the reach of their products and services to new customers.

Singpaore at night

April 1, 2022

Top 10 Reasons to Do Business in Singapore

Investing in Southeast Asia is complex, but Singapore offers solutions for foreign investors and businesses seeking a low-risk, high-return opportunity.

people walking in a city at dusk

February 14, 2022

How to Know When Going Global Makes Sense for Your Business

Going global is exciting and could be the bridge to limitless opportunities for your business but it’s not for everyone.

people at business meeting

December 20, 2021

Top 10 International Business Etiquette Tips (Amid A Global Pandemic)

Knowing the proper etiquette (or good manners) is very important as a professional traveling internationally, especially during a global pandemic. 

Six Paths to Leadership

October 5, 2021

How the Six Paths to Leadership Impact Global Success

We recently interviewed Dr. Mark Clark, co-author of “Six Paths to Leadership” about the release of his new book and the implications of his findings on global leadership.


September 9, 2021

Why Our Unique Approach to Internationalization Works

We know internationalization is a daunting and complex process in the post-COVID world. At Factum Global, we pride ourselves in simplifying the process.

multi cultural business people meeting

July 21, 2021

Why Going Global Drives Sustainable Growth

If you tried taking your brand abroad, you know how hard it can be. But don’t let that stop you from exploring the vast opportunities of globalization. 

October 11, 2022

Globalisation Is Good For Business, According To Report

Factum Global shared the results of their bi-annual Factum Global Business Sentiment Survey and found that 78% of respondents thought globalisation is good for business.

Published by Boardroom Magazine

October 6, 2022

Factum Global Survey Reveals a Strong Global Business Outlook

The bi-annual survey shows that 73% of respondents will continue or plan to increase international activities over the next six months.

September 5, 2022

First Steps for Going Global

Taking your mission outside the United States can be full of uncertainty, but so can standing put. Factum Global CEO Francisco Gomez shares some advice for starting the process. 

Published by AssociationsNOW
Press Release - Dr. Mark A. Clark

June 2, 2022

American University’s Dr. Mark A. Clark to Join Factum Global
as Advisor/Consultant

Dr. Clark to advise on organizational change process & implementation, leadership development.

hand holding globe with sunset background

April 18, 2022

Going Global Amid Global Chaos?

Is now the time for associations to expand internationally? The answer is yes. In this article, we make a compelling case for nonprofit association leaders to embrace new sustainable revenue opportunities that leverage impact on a global scale.

Factum Global Advisory Board Member

October 19, 2021

Factum Global Debuts Advisory Board

Advisory Board members Doug Collier, Aseem Goyal, Madeleine Jacobs, and Peter O’Neil bring a wealth of experience from the corporate and association sectors that will be invaluable as Factum Global continues to scale globally.

press release

April 7, 2021

Paul F. Weintraub and Jeffrey Smith Join Factum Global

Weintraub to lead business development team; Smith appointed as COO, will lead business operations, marketing and communications. Weintraub and Smith add more than 40 years of experience to Factum Global’s Executive Team.

Embracing Digital

March 11, 2021

Embracing Digital Transformation with a Global Mindset

In this must read article published by Boardroom Magazine, Factum Global’s CEO, Francisco Gomez, shares his views on the intersection of digital transformation and internationalization for Associations’ growth.

Podcast set up

February 26, 2020

The Power to Strengthen the World

Factum Global is proud to have partnered with the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) on the first episode of their new “Stronger by Association Podcast” series. The Power to Strengthen the World highlights the impact of associations globally.

Hablando con el experto

December 10, 2020

Hablando con el experto

Advanced Market Research entrevista a Francisco Gomez.
“En corto período de tiempo, el COVID-19 ha impactado formas de vida en todo el mundo. Para consumidores y empresas.”

November 7, 2022

Episode 8: Petro’s Colombia, Lula’s Brazil, and the Outlook for Latin America

Sergio Guzmán, Co-founder & Director, Colombia Risk Analysis.

Colombia’s recent election of leftist President Gustavo Petro has worried many about the fate of Colombia as a leading democracy in Latin America. In October, Brazil’s former leftist President Lula narrowly replaced incumbent President Bolsonaro. How will the changing political climate and a struggling global economy impact business across the region?

November 2, 2022

Episode 7: Expanding to Africa – Risk, Opportunity & Reality

Rubby Golo, Ghana-based Trade & Investment Expert

Investing in Africa has historically been shrouded in mystery and ultimately deemed too risky for foreign companies. But by 2032, more than half of the world’s labor force will reside in Africa. If now is not the time to explore business opportunities, then when?

October 11, 2022

Episode 6: Covid-19, Healthcare Innovation, and the Biotech Revolution

Phyllis Arthur, global healthcare expert and vice president of infectious diseases and emerging science policy at BIO. 

The Covid-19 pandemic led to a technological revolution for the biotech industry, the topic of our latest Global Insider Talks episode.

September 6, 2022

Episode 5: Why Thailand and Vietnam Stand to Benefit Most from “China Plus One”

Aseem Goyal, International Banking Leader, Advisory Board member.

Vietnam and Thailand stand to benefit the most from the China Plus One strategy, a move by companies to diversify across Asia and be less dependent on China. These export-oriented economies, with existing integrated supply chains, have prioritized incentives to attract new investors and are keenly focused on improving ease of doing business.

August 1, 2022

Episode 4: Why Colombia is an Attractive Nearshoring Destination

Ricardo Pedroza, United States Executive Director, ProColombia.

Bogota, Colombia was recently awarded the “City of Nearshoring” award in 2022 for its top talent, technology & infrastructure, geographic location, and incentives for FDI. Growth possibilities are endless in this South American democracy, which is celebrating the 200th year of bilateral relations with the United States.

July 12, 2022

Episode 3: Protecting Your Intangible Assets

Dixon Soh, Director HEAD, IP/IA Practice.

Forming your IP strategy and envisioning your IP footprint; understanding local nuances, protections, and risks; sharing enough about your assets during R&D to attract investors, without giving away trade secrets.

Flags of the world

June 6, 2022

Episode 2: Culture Matters: What Executives Need to Know When Entering New Markets

Desirée Perez, Culture Expert and Coach Community Director, Sayge.

Cultural nuances and considerations when expanding internationally; being mindful of your internal culture and feedback channels; forming lasting relationships in Latin America that will contribute to long-term business success.

people on the street in Asia

May 6, 2022

Episode 1: What’s Hot Right Now in Southeast Asia?

Did you know Southeast Asia is open again without Covid restrictions and can provide your business with new growth opportunities right now?

Australian business executive and author Campbell MacKintosh shares his insights on the hot markets and sectors, offers valuable advice for CEOs eyeing the region.

Market Spotlight: The Philippines

Read our monthly spotlight and gain new insights on the Philippines market.

Market Spotlight: Germany

Read our monthly spotlight and gain new insights on the Germany market.


Factum Global Business Sentiment Survey

The latest survey report finds that, amid uncertain macroeconomic forecasts and geopolitical concerns, 73% of business executives maintain a positive global business outlook.

Market Spotlight: Thailand

Read our monthly spotlight and gain new insights on the Thailand market.

Market Spotlight: Brazil

Read our monthly spotlight and gain new insights on the Brazil market.

China Information Sheet

Market Spotlight: China

Read our monthly spotlight and gain new insights on the China market.

happy boys dressed in red shorts and button downs
Global Insights

5 Steps to Develop Your Global Mindset

Today, more than ever, differences in culture and a lack of empathy and understanding among populations around the world have contributed to war, the global COVID-19 pandemic response, hatred, poverty, misunderstanding, and so much more. Are you doing your part to develop a global mindset?

Mexico Infographic

Market Spotlight: Mexico

Read our monthly spotlight and gain new insights on the Mexico market.

Global Insights

Lessons From Walmart and Amazon’s Failures in Asia

Businesses searching for bottom-line growth often look to entice new consumers in markets where they don’t already have a presence.

Singapore Infographic

Market Spotlight: Singapore

Read our monthly spotlight and gain new insights on the Singapore market.

India infographics

Market Spotlight: India

Read our monthly spotlight and gain new insights on the India market.

Resource Vietnam

Market Spotlight: Vietnam

Read our monthly spotlight and gain new insights on the Vietnam market.

Global Insights

3 Hot Markets Beyond BRICS

Fast-growing emerging markets like Vietnam and Chile, and “emerged” economies like Singapore are prime locations for expanding your business.

Ukraine monument

Impact of U.S.-Russia Sanctions on U.S. Association Industry

What do U.S.-Russia sanctions mean for Association leaders with members and activities in Russia?

UAE Infographics

Market Spotlight: United Arab Emirates

Read our monthly Market Spotlight and gain new insights on the exciting United Arab Emirates market.

bright colored boxes on a ship
Global Insights

Nearshoring: An Alternative Sourcing Strategy in a Pandemic World

Of the many challenges posed by the pandemic, the challenge of deciding where to source information or resources remains large.

Market Spotlight: Colombia

Read our monthly Market Spotlight and gain new insights on the exciting Colombian market.

Seizing Opportunity:
The International Future for Associations

Factum Global released the results of its “2021 and Beyond” survey at the “Seizing Opportunity: The International Future for Associations” webinar.

4 Insights into the International Future for Associations

Based on Factum Global “2021 & Beyond Survey Findings.”

Thriving Internationally

Thriving Internationally in Times of COVID-19 and Beyond (Fall 2020)

Watch the session recording here:

Is your organization hesitant to expand globally since the pandemic?  Are current geopolitical tensions forcing you to reconsider your strategic planning and expansion initiatives?  

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