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Episode Notes

Biotech has officially been disrupted by the cutting-edge science and technology used by X-Therma, Inc. to extend the life of human organs and save people around the world. Inspired by the loss of her grandfather when she was 8 years old, Xiaoxi Wei, Ph.D. began her mission and life’s work to help others around the world live longer.

The global waiting list for organ donations grows daily. And, while the list of donors is growing too, roughly 80% of viable transplant organs go to waste because they are unable to reach the transplant patient in time. In fact, 170 million Americans are waiting to donate an organ today!

Inspired by nature – namely, arctic fish and the artic squirrel, which can survive in the most frigid subzero environments due to their ability to produce antifreeze proteins (AFPs) – the temperature of organs is decreased while preventing the aberrant formation and growth of ice limiting cellular damage.

X-Therma has pioneered a new class of cryoprotectants, inspired by antifreeze proteins found in nature, to effectively preserve life at subzero temperatures.

In this interview, we explore how X-Therma has discovered a way to bring greater hope and a second chance on life for patients waiting for a lifesaving organ donation all around the world.

Guest: Xiaoxi (Sofie), Wei, Ph.D., CEO & Co-founder of X-Therma, Inc.

Resume highlights:

  • Award-winning entrepreneur and chemistry professional in the areas of supramolecular assembly and biomimetic nanoscience
  • Inventor of X-Therma’s core technology based on hyper-effective ice prevention materials
  • Lead author of 8 peer-reviewed research papers and awarded 6 patents
  • Graduated with honors from Ningbo University where she studied biotechnology, and received her Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry from SUNY-Buffalo
  • Principal Investigator for $5.4M in government R&D grants leading X-Therma’s development

Here’s more on how X-Therma is disrupting biotech and extending human life for patients awaiting transplants around the world:

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