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How the Six Paths to Leadership Impact Global Success

We recently interviewed Dr. Mark Clark, American University business professor and co-author of “Six Paths to Leadership” about the release of his new book and the implications of his findings on global leadership.
Six Paths to Leadership

Did you know there are six different paths for people to become leaders?

Neither did we! Our CEO recently sat down and interviewed his former b-school professor, Mark Clark, about the findings of his new book and discussed its global implications.
We condensed the highlights in this blog post and are proud to share them with you.

What are the Six Paths to Leadership?

Here are some of the global implications of the Six Paths as they relate to leadership perceptions and culture:

Do the Six Paths Apply Around the Globe? 1:32

At Factum Global, we help businesses expand internationally. So, we wanted to know if Professor Clark’s findings apply in other countries.

Global Perceptions of Leadership Vary 2:38

How a leader is perceived around the world depends on the country you’re in. The differences are, perhaps, a bit surprising.

Culture Matters and Mustn’t Be Overlooked 1:57

Appreciation of cultural variables when assessing global leadership is key.

Adapting the Six Paths in Other Markets Works! 

Take Brazil, for example. 2:09

In Brazil, an individualist culture, you’re expected to be more responsible for yourself and you’re expected to blaze your own path. So it’s appropriate to take credit for professional accomplishments.

How a leader is perceived around the world depends on the country you’re in. 0:50

The Chinese think more about the future and about the collective, not just the individual. So, if you work for a family business, you might not be surprised that a member of the family will be promoted before you are.

A few final thoughts from Professor Clark

To purchase Six Paths to Leadership, visit:

A special thanks to Professor Mark Clark for his great contribution to the leadership discourse and for agreeing to speak with Factum Global.

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October 5, 2021