The best time to go global is now

You’re here because you are either:

– Curious about what it takes to expand your business internationally, or

You’ve made up your mind to go global but you’re not sure how to move forward.

Well, we’ve simplified the process for you. 

If expanding into new markets was easy, everyone would do it. The truth is, not every business is meant to go international.

You want to make sure you do it right from the beginning or you could risk reputational and financial loss.

That’s why Factum Global designed the Global Ready: Fundamentals of Internationalization Workshop. It’s an interactive workshop to help you expand globally with confidence.

Who should attend?

C-suite or senior-level executives who lead the global initiative for a business or an association, board directors and business owners considering international expansion.

Where do I attend?

You choose the setting where you want to do the workshop – virtually or in-person – for members of your team.

What should I expect?

You’ll learn everything you need to know to get global ready — from the basics to real-world examples that will help you apply them within your own organization and succeed abroad.

Part 1: The Fundamentals

•  Internationalization 101: Key concepts
•  Types of international companies
•  Thinking strategically globally
•  Assess your global readiness using the International Maturity Model
•  Develop a roadmap to guide you in your own organization

Part 2: Doing business across the globe

• Cultural intelligence
• Business etiquette
• Conflict management
• Common culture misconceptions

Choose your interactive workshop type

Virtual: Two 90-minute or one 3-hour session. (3 CAE credits)

In-person: One 3-hour session (minimum of 8 people & up to 12).

For pricing and scheduling information, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you within 2 business days.

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