Association Solutions

If you're looking for sustainable revenue, membership growth, and community impact, expanding internationally is the bridge to limitless opportunities.

Take the guesswork out and avoid pitfalls with an experienced partner who’s done it successfully.

Strategic Consulting & Advisory

Penetrating emerging markets is not an easy task. It requires strategic thinking, experience, and the right plan. We can help you create a customized strategy that addresses your needs and is sustainable.

Transformation & Change Management

Internationalization, shifting market demands, a changing competitive landscape, and technological advancements are just a few factors challenging your organization in today’s fast-paced business environment. Our experienced team of change management professionals will help you rethink and reshape your operating model so you can assess readiness, minimize risk, optimize resources, improve productivity and maximize value.

Market Research & Competitive Analysis

Is your association ready to go global? Are you trying to grow your membership internationally? We can help you identify new markets that align with your goals by performing in-country research and generate insights to guide your decision making and influence your strategy.

International Chapter Development

Expand confidently into a new market. We will help you establish, nurture and grow your association’s international chapters.

Membership Recruitment & Retention

Recruit, engage, retain! The secret to membership growth is engagement. We’ll help you do this well, strategically.

Strategic Planning & Event Management

Events are a key driver to association growth and visibility. Let us guide you in your event needs – from strategy to execution. Events include: conferences, meetings, and staff retreats.

Coaching & Training

We train your staff to understand the nuances of globalization, such as cultural considerations, language translation, and localization. We offer one-on-one coaching and customized workshops for larger groups.

Government Relations & Partnerships

Worried you will feel like an outsider when you open your new office? We’ll make sure you are well connected – with local government leaders and key influencers – before you set foot in a new market.

Compliance & Regulation

Navigating local laws and regulations can be one of the hardest tasks in your expansion journey. We’ll  connect you with local legal and tax experts to ensure your organization is compliant and set up for success.

International PEO

Will you need staff for your new office? Hiring practices and tax laws vary from country to country. We have on-the-ground accounting experts that will guide you through the international hiring process and payroll management.

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