Klement R. Camaj

Senior Associate

Klement supports business operations, client services, and business development.

He brings a strong research background in international relations, foreign policy, and national security, specializing in geopolitical risk analysis, defense, security, and strategy. He is highly skilled in multi-disciplinary analysis and uses various methodological approaches to his research.

Prior to joining Factum Global, Klement worked as an international consultant for The Stevenson Group, a Washington, D.C.-based international consulting firm, where he coordinated government and Department of Defense programs. Previously, he served as Associate Director of A Path for Europe, a Berlin-based European think-tank dedicated to analyzing the future of the European Union. In the years prior, Klement served as a professor in international education in Kuwait City, Kuwait, Hangzhou, China, and Kurdistan, Iraq.

Klement earned a Master of Arts degree in geopolitics, territory, and security from King’s College London, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and international relations from Radford University, Virginia. He is currently pursuing his doctoral studies in cultural diplomacy and migration at the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy, Berlin and the University of the West of Scotland, Glasgow.

A native of Montenegro and avid world traveler, Klement speaks fluent Albanian and Serbo-Croatian, advanced Russian, Spanish, and Italian; and enjoys swimming and deep-sea scuba diving. His favorite book is Goethe’s Faust and roots for the Los Angeles Lakers. Klement resides in Michigan.