Latin American Services

Factum Global has its roots in Latin America

We are uniquely positioned in Latin America, offering a full suite of services from our regional headquarters in Bogota, Colombia, birthplace of our Founder and CEO, Francisco Gomez. We operate throughout the region, having done business in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Mexico.

We understand what it takes to do business and succeed in one of the most important and rapidly emerging economic regions in the world.

In countries where we have not had the opportunity to conduct business, we evaluate and subcontract with local, third-party partners who become an extension of our business; to our clients, this work arrangement is seamless because we manage the local partners on their behalf from Factum Global headquarters.

Local Operations

Whether you are looking to do business from your home country and need us to manage projects locally on your behalf, or you are seeking to establish a more permanent presence in a new country, we can help you navigate the local environment.

We have advised several clients on a range of issues including:


Physical Plant Operations

Government Relations

Supply Chain Management

Legal Representation



Global Services

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