Global Services

Globalization is an endless source of value creation

Our unique approach results in a trusted, personal relationship with our clients that we develop and nurture as in-house, strategic counselors and an extension of the executive management team. We provide custom solutions rather than the “cookie-cutter” recommendations typically offered by larger consulting firms.

We have advised several clients on a range of issues including:

Determining viability of opportunity for internationalization.

Navigating complexities of local laws and communicating with government officials

Formulating international expansion strategy

Establishing local physical operations

Developing strategic international partnerships and alliances

Expanding supply chains beyond the U.S. to encourage the flow of products, services, research, data and other information

We also offer these services:

Market Research

Whether you are trying to figure out how or where to start your international journey, or you are trying to optimize your existing global business, we are here to help you. Our team can assist you with identifying the markets with the largest and smallest potential, understand the opportunities and generate insights to guide your decision making and influence your strategy. We offer primary and secondary research services, which can be conducted directly in the countries of interest.

Training and Coaching

We all know that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”! Even the most beautifully crafted strategies will fail if they are not executed properly. At Factum Global, we believe that seamless execution is only possible when the people doing it believe in the mission. Going global requires a transformation; a shift in mentality and culture.

We are prepared to help your staff understand the nuances of globalization. From cultural considerations, to the implications of language translation and localization, our training solutions are designed to help your team build capacity for working internationally. Our network of crisis management, marketing and communications, legal, financial and accounting professionals are fluent in more than 10 languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese and Hindi, and are experienced with regional customs and operating business locally. Whether your company prefers formal group training or one-on-one coaching, we will tailor our services to meet your needs.

Strategy Development

At Factum Global, we are experts in international strategy. We have extensive experience navigating emerging markets and developing successful globalization models. We have a proven method to help you find the appropriate business model for your organization. We will work with you to develop a strategy that is concrete, measurable and adaptable.

LATAM Services

We are uniquely positioned in Latin America, offering a full suite of services from our LATAM headquarters in Bogota, Colombia, birthplace of our Founder and CEO. We operate throughout the region, having done business in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Mexico.

Learn more about our services in Latin America

In countries where we have not had the opportunity to conduct business, we evaluate and subcontract with local, third-party partners who become an extension of our business; to our clients, this work arrangement is seamless because we manage the local partners on their behalf from Factum Global headquarters.

We have advised several clients on a range of issues including:


Physical Plant Operations

Government Relations

Supply Chain Management

Legal Representation



Local Operation

Whether you are looking to do business from your home country and need us to manage projects locally on your behalf, or you are seeking to establish a more permanent presence in a new country, we can help you navigate the local environment.

Our Team

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